Aviation is an ultra-safe industry for those who manage their risks wisely. To them, Skytation embodies the promise of a close partnership to preserve their vital resources and to maximize their mission efficiency.

Since 2002, our mission is to contribute to the safety, growth and sustainability of aviation businesses. Every company tells that the customer is the boss, but at Skytation that statement really has weight. We offer centuries' worth of aviation expertise and customer-driven staff focused on your needs, your challenges and your ambitions. We carefully listen to you, we truly understand you, we take action, we lead the way to your objectives.

Obviously, Skytation is not the largest nor the heaviest of the reputed aviation firms. Indeed, we don't have any puzzling organizational tree or heavy bureaucracy. We don't have one of those super-complicated Internal Policy Manual that obliterates 90% of the employees' value and know-how in problem-solving. Instead we empower our specialists to deliver the creative solutions you need. We don't spend countless time "groupthinking" about how to impose our views or methods onto customers or worrying about market shares: the center of our attention is the results and the added-value you get.

To help you achieve your objectives, we propose our expertise on a wide spectrum of subjects:

  • SMS design, implementation, workshops, training, consulting and auditing
  • Safety culture surveys
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • IS-BAO registration/renewal audits (Skytation is accredited by IBAC since 2005)
  • IS-BAO & IS-BAH implementation support
  • Guidance on regulations and industry standards (EASA, IS-BAO, IOSA, ICAO, FAA)
  • Consulting and training on SAFA requirements
  • Compliance Monitoring and software tools
  • Hazard identification & safety performance
  • Flight training (AFSP-registered organisation)
  • Security Management Systems (SeMS)
  • Security Training