Aviation Consulting by Skytation

We are not in the aviation business of serving people, but in the people business of serving aviation counsel.

In other words, we don't treat customers as wallets with a human attached to it.

We know that you're not looking for a new best friend or for a parrot reciting regulations all day long in a bland, sterile manner. You want a positive connection, not just a transaction. You want your specific needs to matter.

At Skytation we demonstrate the genuine desire and efforts to repeatedly exceed what you expect.

Questions, but mostly answers...

Who do you work with?

Our reputation and customers' list may not have reached your ears yet, so you will probably appreciate a few names. Individuals and Forbes' Fortune 100 customers will not be named here, but we can cite the following well-known brands and organisations: BMW, Cirrus Airlines, PrivaJet, Geneva Airport Authority, Albinati Aeronautics, NATO Support Agency (formerly known as NAMSA), FCS Flight Calibration Services, JetMagic, CAE-Aviation, EgyptAir, Johnson Controls, Luxembourg Police, Imperial Jet, Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rotschild, Arcelor, Aviabel, VRT, WestAir Luxembourg, TACV, Kal'Air, Afriqiyah Special Ops, etc.

Are you member of any association, alliance or trade group?

Unlike too many consulting, notation and certification firms, Skytation is totally independent from large corporations or airline alliances.

However, we're members of the Flight Safety Foundation and the Russian United Business Aviation Association for whom we regularly make speaches on safety issues. We're also active at the MLQ, an association from Luxembourg promoting Quality Management, and in working groups from IBAC and EASA.

On the other hand we sponsor the AVTAL (an association of old-timers, aviation historians and enthusiasts from Luxembourg), the ALMPA (Association Luxembourgeoise pour le Maintien du Patrimoine Aeronautique) and the Paralympics Comity of Luxembourg.

Skytation has also received a Stamped Green seal in recognition of our eco-friendly business practices and efforts towards a greener industry.

Can I get in contact with your customers to check if they are satisfied?

We will gladly provide you with contact information of people willing to share their experience, but we can't publish these details here for obvious reasons. Please contact us first and tell us in which area of expertise you consider hiring us. We will then direct you to our references.

There's someone cheaper than Skytation. Why should I pay more?

A preliminary clarification is probably the best way to start answering this question. We are professional auditors and advisors. Providing quality services and dependable solutions in the field of safety, all that for very reasonable fees, is not a second or third job for us. We do this every day for many years and for many more to come because we really enjoy taking those kinds of challenges. It is not something we do in a hotel room during a minimum crew rest period or only on rainy week-ends. We are aiming for nothing less than perfection in our jobs. That, obviously, has a certain value. According to the feed-back we receive, the return on investment has always been well worth that value.

Having said that, our fees are exactly in line with European industry standards because we believe in healthy business practices, in mutually beneficial agreements and in long-term partnerships with our customers. Moreover the real question here is about the value added to your company and about the quality of the service. We can stay within any budget, even the smallest, and still deliver valuable services. Provided one can compare what's comparable, you will find that we deliver the greatest value.

What guarantees can you offer me regarding confidentiality?

We perfectly realise the importance of not divulging internal affairs, and how sensitive an audit can be. We do not share company information nor discuss customer issues with outsiders. This commitment to confidentiality, included by default in every service offer and contract, can be pushed even further by either signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, or by performing our services through a law firm to safeguard the audit documentation from public release. From your perspective, it's simple, totally transparent and secure. However, please keep in mind that IS-BAO audit results have to be shared with IBAC in order to obtain or renew a registration.

What are the core values and strengths at Skytation ?
  • A non-stop dedication to the customer's interests and objectives
  • Team driven, rigour, objectivity, integrity, openness, respect and confidentiality
  • Innovation, passion, leadership
  • A total independence from large corporations and airline alliances
  • A long experience at the heart of the industry
  • Everyone has a broad aeronautical culture while maintaining in-depth, state-of-the-art expertise on a few specific subjects
Are you hiring ?

We're currently looking for SMS specialists to join our teams. Candidates must meet all of the following criteria:

  • At least 20 years of traceable experience in aviation (preferably 30)
  • Active or retired airline/professional pilot (preferably with instructor skills)
  • Familiar with hazard identification, risk management and safety analyses
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (ability to actively listen and interact) in at least two languages
  • Willing to combine home-based assignments with missions abroad
  • Strong IT and computer skills
  • Able to interpret general business publications and regulations

On the other hand we always welcome resumes of aviation professionals with at least 10 years in the industry and a background in flight operations (i.e. preferably pilots). You may not receive a job offer immediately, but you will definitely get an answer as soon as we hear from you. Initially there is no need to send copies of licenses, certificates, etc. A resume in .PDF or .DOC format is enough. Use the e-mail address "jobs" before "skytation.com".

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